Announcing my New Chef Saucy's Fye Azz Cookbook

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Official Launch Party and book signing March 5, 2022

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Chef Sonya Dorsey

It’s now time to release one of the most anticipated Cookbooks, the first volume of Chef Saucy Sonya’s Fye Azz cookbook will release March 1, 2022, this is first day of Woman's History Month, what a way to celebrate. This cookbook is filled with amazing recipes, fun stories, memories, and interactive moments. Take this journey of cooking with Chef Saucy as she gives you secret family recipes, along with how she became the cook she is today. There are moments in the book where you will be able to journal and share you journey along with Chef Saucy.

This is volume one of many to come, stay tuned for Chef Saucy’s book about her life, growing up in an abusive home, struggles with depression, abuse and more, and being a domestic abuse survivor, coming later this year. Thank you all for your pre-order, we look forward to seeing you at the book signing. Date TBA.

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