We all want clear, clean, glowy skin — and with the right skincare regimen, it's totally attainable. Finally, on to the body.


  • Jazzie Conꓘoction Misting Spray 2oz 
  • Beautiful Conꓘoction Facial Mist 2oz
  • Beautiful Conꓘoction Face Soap 2oz
  • Beautiful Conꓘoction Eye Cream 0.7oz
  • Beautiful Conꓘoction Day Balm 2oz
  • Beautiful Conꓘoction Night Balm 4oz

This amazing combination of products will have you feeling refreshed and clean.

For best results start using the beauty soap at night, (make sure to wash your hands before putting them in the creams, as not to contaminate them)

First throughly clean the Beautiful Conꓘoction beauty bar, pat face dry, (do not scrub your skin, as this can cause irritation with any products you use), second apply the under eye cream, third apply Beautiful Conꓘoction night balm (a little goes a long way). NOTE: (If your hair is loose, tie it back, or put it in a bonnet, this keeps dirty hair and oils off of your pillow case and your skin. 


In the morning take a warm clean towel and wipe your face, you do not need to rewash as you were sleep, after you rewash, give your face a spray of the rose mist, apply day cream and get ready for your day...


If you wear makeup you can use the Jazzie Conꓘoction spray to set your makeup. Carry the rose mist with you during your day for a refreshing spray when you get hot, or feel dirty, it will refresh you and bring your skin back to life. 


We use all natural ingredients in our products for the healthy glow your skin deserves. Do not eat soap is not edible, keep soaps and creams away from children, remember to close eyes when misting. Store in cool dry place, do not put dirty hands in your creams as it adds bacteria. 


NOTE: Keep your hands out of you face as to not add bacteria to your skin, also drink plenty of water and a healthy diet will also add a glow to your skin. 

Beautiful Conꓘoction Complete Beauty Regimen 6pk


    Chef Sonya Dorsey & Chef Keith Dorsey

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