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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our mission is to create amazing seasonings that will promote healthy eating habits and bring flavor to foods that would otherwise have a bland taste. Our Brand will help each person express their individual cooking style and bring culinary creativity to the fullest. Culinary expertise is for each individual person to define by their own standards. Together, we support and encourage bold flavor choices seasonings. Our purpose is to inspire fearlessness, boldness, flavorful recipes inspired by the unique taste of Saucy Sonya’s Spices.


Our Story

History of our Entrepreneurial Journey


In 2012 Chefs Keith and Sonya Dorsey opened Definitely Dorsey Designer Cakes and catering. Over a course of 9 yrs. they together have created over 2000 cakes, and catered for numerous organizations, functions, Parties, family and social events.

This business has allowed us to flourish and become known in the community as the Definitely Dorsey Duo, created Cakes for many amazing people, celebrities, and city officials. 


In 2019 Chefs Keith and Sonya Dorsey opened Saucy Sonya’s Spices and Sauces, Chef Sonya’s knowledge of putting seasonings together without using salt has made their products excel in sales, and are known for their delicious taste, and good health properties. These seasonings are Non-GMO, No-MSG, No Iodized Salt, Renal and Cardiac Friendly, and a delicious flavor. These seasonings have been shipped all over the USA, we are known for flavor, taste, and all without the unwanted sodium. 

Meet The Team

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