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Definitely Dorsey Designer Cakes and Catering


Charcuterie Board

Enjoy the many fresh charcuterie boards we offer, customized for your special event.


We provide fresh baked cakes for all occasions, customized for your special event.



We provide amazing foods to cater your special event with many different choices to choose from.



Dessert tables to match your theme and satisfy your tastebuds with many great treats for all occasions.

Cajun Shrimp & Grits

Louisiana style shrimp & Grits made with our very own seafood seasoning.

Chicken & Waffle with Fried Macaroni Balls

Country style dish with fresh with a juicy tender cut chicken breast and fluffy belgium waffle. Both made with our very own "Bougie Chicken & Poultry" seasoning and "Madea Tessie" waffle mix.

Cheddar Biscuits

Homemade cheddar biscuits from grandma scratch recipe

Lobster Tails

Seasoned with our very own "To Shell Wit It" seafood seasoning.

Turkey Wings

You can have deep fried turkey legs year round, seasoned with our very own seasoning.

Corn on a Cob

Seasoning with our own 'Buck Azz All Purpose" seasoning.

Sliced Briskets

sliced brisket pack with favor and seasoned with our own "Buck Azz Naked" seasoning that has some heat to every bite.

Fried Frog Legs
Stuffed pickles
Catering Done Right

Enjoy our delicious gourmet food from a wide variety of entree selection for your event.


Start your event with some of our delicious appetizers before your entree.


End your meal with some of our delicious desserts.


Add a salad along side of your appetizer and meal. Pick from a traditional or cobb salad.


Add a veggie or fruit tray to your event.

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